Because it looks to be a hybrid between a puppy and a cat, the little dog becomes an online sensation.

‘Are you a cat or a dog person?’ people regularly ask, as if you had a choice. Many animal lovers, obviously, have place in their hearts for both.

However, if you only have room for one pet, you’ll have to pick… or not?

It turns out that one species, which appears to be a hybrid between a feline and a canine, has found out how to have the wisest conceivable answer.

This bizarre little puppy looks to have a canine face on a feline body, probably with a fox touch – and commenters claim he changes from feline to canine in the photo: He and his owners reside in Vietnam.

He has entertaining and odd articulations, in addition to the fact that he looks to be a feline canine.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the dog has become a worldwide internet phenomenon, both in his own nation and beyond.

His Facebook profile currently has over 232,000 fans, which explains his upbeat demeanor.

He is simply a typical, happy dog, despite his unique look. The entrepreneur adds that he appreciates the opportunity to meet with individuals and their canine friends. ‘He is absolutely hilarious,’ says the narrator.

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