A melancholy dog makes a rabbit his friend, and the two grow inseparable.

If cats and dogs can become best friends, there’s no reason a dog and a rabbit can’t, either. Her previous owners chained her to a tree and abused and used her in street fights, almost as if they were brothers from different mothers.

She discovered that love has no borders with her new family. Last year, when a girl received her rabbit, she understood she needed to be cautious while introducing her to the rest of her animals.

Jealousy and fear of the unfamiliar can be obstacles in these situations, and animals may automatically reject the newcomer. The dog was the only thing on the girl’s mind.

However, they were so close that they started cleaning and sleeping on the sofa together. I can’t seem to separate them. The rabbit is pursued by the dog, who licks her head as she rests next to her on the sofa.

Rabbits, like dogs, are extremely sociable and have a special bond with humans and other living things. Allowing another person or animal to clean your dog, for example, is a strong demonstration of your trust and care.

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