Around his owner’s cats, Cobin, the dog, changes into the gentlest caregiver.

This dog is 150 pounds and takes up a good section of the sofa when he relaxes around the home, but he is quite calm and intelligent. In actuality, Cobin has been supportive kin to many little cats for a long time, and he has evolved into their finest defender and buddy.

Cobin was adopted by his family at the age of eight months, weighing ‘roughly’ 110 pounds! He enjoys a variety of animals, but his family was concerned that his stature might prevent him from being suitably calm around little adorable little cats.

‘You will never see a dog as calm as Cobin.’ He’s really laid-back and courteous. The owner stated, ‘Cobin likes going outside and walking about.’ Other creatures that he adores are rabbits and squirrels.

He doesn’t go after them. He’s simply delighted to see them.

‘Because they’re young, they might not know that enough people would fear him and begin to identify with him.’ It will attract more cats to escape. Assuming that occurs, he is conscious enough to relax and exercise self-control.

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