A stray dog goes over 100 miles to see an elderly couple who have treated her well.

An elderly couple came upon a pregnant homeless dog on the street. She was hungry and clearly unwell. The pair took pity on the cat and decided to look after her.

When the puppies had grown up a bit, they were given a new home by kind people. Despite their growing affection for the puppy, the couple was unable to bring her to them since they feared they would be unable to care for her due to their age.

After that, they found her a new home with an old friend from a nearby city. Everything seemed to be well until the dog’s new owner phoned him two weeks later to inform him the dog had run away. The dog went missing for days and weeks.

When the puppy appeared out of nowhere on the doorstep of the old couple who had helped her in her time of need, the owner had given up hope of ever getting a pet.

It turns out she had been looking for them the whole time! The dog rehydrated at home before napping for the following 24 hours.

When the couple received a call from a friend notifying them that the dog had returned, they were taken aback. The guy offered to pick her up, but the pair decided against it this time since how could they betray such devotion?

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