A youngster tearfully reunites with his missing dog after eight months.

This boy’s dog was a best friend, a sibling, and a family member to him. So you can imagine his grief when his cherished four-legged buddy disappeared. He believed his dog was out and about in the neighborhood when he discovered he hadn’t come home.

A friendly puppy who knows its surroundings as well as its neighbors.

But things were different this time. The lovely puppy vanished without a trace. The boy was shocked to find that his best friend had gone missing, or worse, had been stolen.

The next day, he collects his family and friends to care for the dog, but their attempts are futile. The bereaved kid now had to face the possibility of never seeing his pet again.

Instead, he never lost hope or faith, and the boy knew deep down that he and his dog would be reunited at some point as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months.

After nearly eight months, his unrelenting effort paid off when he was suddenly reunited with his missing dog. The dog was discovered by a family member not far from his house. The man immediately recognized the dog and called his mother to inform her. The woman was first skeptical, but she was rapidly converted.

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