Rabbit takes in and cares for stray puppies, feeding and warming them.

A large hole was reportedly discovered near a Russian woman’s home. As she approached the hole, a rabbit sprang out. According to the woman, a rabbit had gone missing from a farm two miles away from the hamlet.

This rabbit, it seemed, dug a burrow and set up residence near her home. The woman began feeding the rabbit, who was quite trusting. It was plenty for the rabbit to dwell freely in a hole.

The woman observed a large dog near the hole on one of the cooler days. She was worried about the bunny’s safety. She was surprised, however, to see the dog and the rabbit huddled in the same hole.

As she glanced down the hole, the woman discovered little puppies. On the other side, the lady is more concerned. The animal kingdom has grown in size. She was now feeding the rabbit and the puppies at the same time.

The woman found she had been shot when the dog failed to show one day. After the disaster, the long-eared one looked after the puppies. He maintained a watch on the puppies, refusing to let them out of the hole or let them lick them, and fending off curious cats.

The puppies were not killed by harsh frosts because the rabbit kept them warm and protected them.

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