These young lads discovered turtles and now spend their days assisting various turtles in crossing rivers.

Five unusual young men live in the poor town. Instead of doing nothing during their mid-year vacation, they spend the entire day defending turtles.

Slow creatures are carried across the street by children to avoid colliding with autos. While coming to class isn’t crucial, the residents intend to control their security later. On the way, two siblings witnessed a breathtaking sight: a swarm of dead turtles crushed by vehicles.

The siblings were moved by the horrific sight and began to assist other small turtles who were making their way toward the opposite roadway. On that day, the cheerful group decided to devote the most of their time this year to protecting the turtles.

People now devote a lot of time and effort to it on a regular basis. They usually cross the road when there are no other vehicles on the road.

Regardless, kids should occasionally lift their hands to halt the vehicle and prevent it from colliding with a turtle who is simply wandering along the path. The team estimated that they had saved about 200 species, the most of which were little.

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