A police officer put his life on the line to aid in the rescue of an injured bear left by his family.

Thomas was on patrol when he came upon the bear family. He’d seen a lot of bears in his life, so this was a fairly regular and familiar image for him.

The officers parked on the side of the road and waited for the mother bear and her cubs to pass. However, he quickly knew something was wrong.

With her three small offspring, the mother bear attempted to cross the road. But there was an oddity: they came back and crossed the road again. They exchanged looks for several minutes.

The police officer recognized that one of the babies was in distress. But, before he could respond, the mom bear disappeared into the bushes, leaving the fourth baby behind. The mother bear’s decision seems tough, but she may have done it to preserve the other cubs’ lives.

The cop decided to approach the cub and take a chance. He got out of the car and approached the hapless cub, who seemed afraid and puzzled. He stayed at Cub’s side and demanded police aid.

The brave officer recognized it was dangerous since the mother bear may return at any time, and picture her reaction if she spotted someone near her little child. Soon after, the aiding party arrived. On their trek, they came upon the 5th cub bear, who was afraid and ill. Two brothers were sent to a nearby rehabilitation facility.

The cubs will spend time at the center to increase their health and strength. Following that, they’ll be able to reunite with their mother and other brothers.

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