Reddit users helped a stranger raise a substantial amount of money to save her pet from a sickness.

Jill’s year began with the death of a close friend. Her sibling died of brain cancer after a protracted battle. It doesn’t end well, either: the girl is fighting for her cat, Ashton’s, life.

F.I.P. is a virus that spreads throughout the body and damages a number of organs. In recent years, the drug has been utilized to treat this ailment in the United States and a few European countries.

Her beloved cat could yet be saved, according to the veterinarian. She then pleaded with online users to help the cat enjoy a longer life.

«I’m in a precarious position.» «He is my entire universe,» Jill wrote.

Her message immediately grabbed the attention of animal lovers all across the world. And it turned out that many of them wanted to help her pay for her pet’s care by donating money.

A savvy Reddit user contacted her. He called the girl and asked her about the cat’s diagnosis and treatment options.

Jill thanked everyone for their contributions and promised to keep everyone updated on Ashton’s growth.

«It’ll be a long road, but I have hope because of you.» She commented on the contribution website, «I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you».

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