A rescue dog is eventually adopted after enduring 17 rounds of treatment and beating cancer.

This tiny puppy was found on the street by volunteers. The dog’s body was covered with ticks, and his paws were bleeding. When the four-legged was transported to the vet, it was determined that he, too, had a cancerous tumor.

The dog has a terrible illness that is affecting his blood cells. It lowers the body’s defenses, making diseases easier to spread. After addressing the illness, doctors began weekly treatments to assist reduce the edema.

While receiving therapy, the dog was cared for and resided with a foster family. All of the procedures went down without a hitch, and the dog stayed calm throughout. He appears to be aware of their desire to help him.

Everyone who helped with the therapy agreed to throw a celebration for the dog when he recovered. They created a liver cake with a birthday candle on top and dressed up in party hats. The volunteers then told the dog that he may start seeking a permanent home.

People expressed interest in picking up the dog a week later. In his new home with a loving family, the dog is happy.

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