A teenager dragged the dog 5 kilometers to a veterinarian to save it.

Ivann Mayarov, a high school student, was crossing the train on his way home from a friend. He’d walked this route previously, but his attention was caught on a cardboard box on this particular day, so he went to explore.

The package contained a motionless dog. He was more concerned with saving her than with figuring out how she got there. Despite the fact that the trip was five kilometers, the boy dialed the sole clinic in town, the veterinarian’s office.

He carried the dog to the specialist, holding it in his arms. At the clinic, she was given the name Fena. Vanya later admitted that it was difficult to carry the dog and that he had to stop several times.

Her health was severe, and she didn’t even come to during the ride. After the boy spent his money on her treatment, Fena was promptly discharged from the acute care unit.

A dog’s drive to survive is incredible, especially when it appears that it has little hope. Fortunately, the guy was there to help her.

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