He is pleased when the owners construct a unique glass in the fence through which the dog can view the world.

Alex is the proud owner of this curious little puppy. She saw her dog’s hair was stained with paint one day and realized he had been peering through a fence at passing street dogs.

She explained that their backyard fence had been demolished by a recent storm, and her father had rebuilt it. However, during the construction of the fence, the space between the pickets unexpectedly opened up, allowing the dog to glimpse the world outside his backyard for the first time.

The lady claims she offered her father a glass in the new fence since her dog was so drawn to the outside world.

Building a custom hole for your dog’s happiness is certainly going above and beyond, but the effort was evidently worthwhile: he loves his new observation spot.

She continues, ‘He waits outside for hours and only comes in when we call him.’

‘Seeing him see the world go by makes us happy.’ What a thoughtful present for this grateful pooch. He clearly appreciates his private observation post, which allows him to gaze out the window at the world outside his garden.

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