After the puppies are born, the proud retriever doggie dad looks after them.

Because the Golden Retriever is one of the world’s friendliest dog breeds, having one by our side to cheer us up when we’re down is amazing.

Whatever happens, this lovely species always manages to make us smile.

When there is a huge family of goldens, happiness multiplies. If you’re looking for critters to brighten your day, this family of goldens will win your heart!

The happy pups recently celebrated the birth of seven puppies and are ecstatic.

Because the mother of the dog was so tired after giving birth to all of the puppies that she simply wanted to lie down and forget about the world, papa took care of her cubs.

He was quite excited to see his new puppies. When the mother doggie feeds the puppies, the father smiles and watches them from afar.

He eagerly awaited their completion so he could play with his children, and it turned out to be a lovely experience.

This contented father clearly adores his children, but it appears that he adores his wife much more. It’s amazing how passionately he hugs his chosen one.

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