After 6 months apart, a family reunites with their missing dog.

A missing Texas dog has been reunited with his family after six months of searching. Chan’s owner discovered he had gone missing on October 17, 2021. They distributed fliers across their neighborhood and immediately posted them on social media.

They looked for him for the next few months, but to no avail. Even though they were never able to reunite with their treasured animal family members, the owners never gave up. Three dogs had been running on someone’s property for some time when the shelter received a call.

One of their offices went out the next day to look for them. One of the dogs was ultimately found, although he was missing his microchip. They named this gorgeous dog Kendo and took him to the veterinarian in their neighborhood.

Thankfully, some good Samaritans still keep track of abandoned animals and were able to identify Kendo as Chan!

The group was able to contact Chan’s owners, who immediately met the dog and confirmed that it was indeed Chan. As soon as he came, Chan ran towards his father, tail wagging.

Video from internet: