A disabled child is afraid of the dentist’s chair unless his assistance dog’s teeth are examined first.

This youngster is scared of unfamiliar places. To support him, his family obtained an assistance dog. In difficult situations, the boy’s pet helps him relax and gives emotional support. A recent dentist appointment is one of them. The boy sat on the dentist’s chair for the first time.

The youngster got scared as soon as he walked through the clinic’s doors and repeated the same phrase:

«I’m not going to let them see my teeth.» When Nicole, the boy’s mother, arrived at the doctor’s office, he refused to sit on the chair and instead chose to sit in the chair closest to the door.

No amount of persuasion could persuade the boy to open his mouth; he was afraid. After then, something unexpected occurred. The dog permitted the doctor to check her teeth as though she understood how to help her owner, proving that the therapy was safe.

The child became completely calm and consented to sit in a chair as long as the dog remained close by. The boy had definitely improved by the conclusion of the examination, and the dentist was able to take an x-ray of his teeth.

According to Nicole, the introduction of the puppy had a significant impact on the entire family’s lives.

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