Every day, a man fed a stray cat outside his office, and one day he realized he couldn’t live without her.

Brandon Lesky works at a television studio on the night shift. He and others at the studio began noticing a stray cat with two adolescent kittens in the parking lot.

The cat and two kittens were spinning near the structure, then the cat and one kitten vanished, leaving only the second kitten. As she walked about the building alone, the cat, dubbed Momo by the employees, appeared so hungry and sad that people began to feed her little by little. Brandon Lesky began bringing food for the cat as well.

The cat, on the other hand, was extremely careful. She kept her distance from humans and only approached food after they had moved far enough away. She then pounced on food with zeal. She appeared to be really hungry. Brandon gradually became the one who came to feed Momo the most, and the kitten grew to trust him and let him to approach closer. However, she was still terrified of the man and refused to let him pat her.

After someone from the authorities learned about the cat, all of the employees were given notice to “immediately cease feeding the street animal,” since it was “hazardous to their health.” Brandon Lesky had fallen madly in love with Momo by that point. Following this news, he began to consider how he might capture the cat and bring it home. He went to the shop and bought a cat trap, and Momo was quickly caught in it, and Brian took her to his flat. Everything was foreign to Momo in the new environment, and she, as well as Brian and his dog, were terrified.

Momo crawled beneath the bedside table when the man let her out of the trap and began hissing at anybody who approached her. Brian recognized that the cat would need some time to adjust to, so he didn’t annoy her in vain, letting her to figure out what to do next. “She appears to want to start trusting others, but something keeps her from doing so. “She doesn’t appear to be hurt, but I believe she’s had a horrible encounter with individuals in the past,” Brandon adds.

Momo eventually acclimated to his new surroundings and began to creep out from beneath the nightstand and explore the rooms after a few days. She became more confident with each passing day.

“She’s still somewhat bashful.” However, you may already touch her and she will purr back. And you can immediately tell who she is. She turned out to be a pretty sluggish cat, clawing the scratching post and playing with toys but preferring to lie on the blanket.”

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