A divided brother and sister dog were unexpectedly reunited during a park walk.

Shortly after birth, puppy litters are routinely separated from their moms and siblings. In this case, though, the separated siblings were reconciled, which was an unexpectedly happy turn of events.

The odds of a dog reuniting with his or her siblings are little to none, especially if they have been separated since birth. On the other hand, Alexandria Neonakis had no idea what was in store for her sister’s dog.

They went for a walk in the park, like they often did. Alexandria’s sister happened to be at the same park as another dog owner with another dog of the same breed. The two magnificent canines greeted one other cordially when their paths intersected, surprising Alexandria and the other owner.

They started playing together and eventually became friends. They looked as if they’d known one other from birth. Alexandria and the owner of the other dog conversed for a bit before realizing that the two dogs were siblings.

They were both puppies from the same litter, which explains why they struck it off immediately away. On her social media account, Alexandria was able to capture and share a moving moment between the long-lost siblings.

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