A wonderful friendship. It all began when two stray kittens came across each other.

This kitten was discovered wandering the streets. He was adopted by a young couple and given the moniker Niko. They immediately saw that the cat was extremely interested and wanted to study and understand everything.

He was roughly three weeks old when he was brought home, and he acclimated fast. Because he was not permitted to work or care for the house, Niko demanded more attention from the owner as he got older than she could supply.

The girl then expressed an interest in adopting another cat named Liki. But Liki had to be treated first, and then Niko was introduced. They were roughly the same age and were both quite active.

As soon as the door opened, Niko sprang out, and the two kitties immediately began playing together. This was the beginning of a fantastic friendship between two adorable kittens.

They shared everything: they played together, ate together, and fell asleep in each other’s arms, and the girl adored and appreciated both of them in every way. They grew up quickly and spent the remainder of their life in the same house.

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