She thought she’d lost her puppy forever, and when she sees her again, she can’t stop crying.

Maddie McWilliam was traveling in a car with her pet Fiji when they were stopped by another vehicle. The large Irish wolfhound vanished, but all worked out in the end.

Maddie and her friends began searching for the dog fairly immediately, but they were unsuccessful; he was nowhere to be located, but the owner did not lose hope.

She advertised his disappearance on social media and on the streets, and soon everyone in Fiji’s neighborhood, even strangers, was looking for him.

Despite the fact that the woman had accepted the reality that she had lost her pet for good, there was still a glimmer of optimism in her eyes.

Four days later, the phone rang.

According to complete strangers, Fiji has already been discovered. But, because they had phoned her in the middle of the night, the most touching scene awaited her in the morning.

Maddie had gone to pick up her pet puppy early in the morning, and their reunion was sweet. The woman was brought to tears, and everyone else in the room was as well. We’re also glad that the narrative has a happy ending.

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