By adopting young ducklings, this dog exhibited his love and care for them.

A family is a group of two or more people who are biologically connected. Certain unavoidable occurrences, however, can occasionally change this meaning. The owners of this adorable puppy are animal lovers who have collected a variety of rescued animals.

As a result, he became a big brother to all the animals that had a tumultuous past. He was frequently by their side, aiding and defending them. One day, nine tiny ducklings were spotted strolling alone near the castle, without their mother.

That was odd, so the castle servants began looking for the ducklings’ mother in the region. The team determined that she may have been a fox’s prey when the search revealed no findings.

They accepted the little animals into their bigger brood out of fear that they would face the same fate. When the dog first saw the ducklings, he acted strangely toward them. He started taking care of them, enclosing them with his paw.

The ducklings believe the dog is their father and follow him everywhere he goes. They don’t just sleep and eat together; they also go swimming together.

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