The cozy entrance was chosen by the pregnant kitten. Her life was changed forever.

Anya’s favorite cat died a few years ago. She and her husband realized they needed another cat and chose to adopt her from a shelter. She went to the shelter’s Facebook page and picked Mina as her favorite cat.

She was found by volunteers near the door of one of the buildings, where she had gone to warm up. It only took a glance at her to understand she was at home and had gone when they found out she was pregnant.

After numerous operations, the cat was transferred to the shelter, where her photo and video were made, and her family arrived shortly after to take her home. As a result, Mina, the cat, has a new home.

It’s also remarkable that Mina didn’t need any time to acclimate. She accepted the owners and began acting as though she had lived here her entire life.

Mina proceeded to fearlessly and proudly wander around her new apartment, purring her delight, and it looked from the outside that she was pleased to be at home. And we’re overjoyed that this lovely kitty has found such a fantastic home.

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