Despite the fact that this dog was adopted from a shelter a year ago, he still cuddles his owner.

Kelly is a wonderful shelter dog that was rescued a year ago by his owner and is still so grateful to her that he never stops cuddling her. When Kelly was 10 months old, he was sent to an animal shelter.

Employees at the shelter were seeking a permanent home and loving owners for this adorable canine since he required so much attention. Kelly had been there for a long time and had attracted little attention.

The volunteers were perplexed as to why this cute little puppy received so little care. However, this dog finally developed an interest in a family. In his new home, Kelly displayed his actual nature by being kind and sympathetic.

When she sits down, he cuddles his owner and then leaps on her knees, expecting a lot of attention. Furthermore, as soon as Kelly’s owner, Meggy, saw him, he approached her and hugged her, and she understood she couldn’t leave home without him.

Since then, Kelly has developed into a beloved pet. He is glad to have found a loving home where he may spend the rest of his life, and he shows his gratitude to everyone he encounters.

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