When Grandma awakened, she discovered gorgeous foxes playing on her doorway.

If you live in a wooded region, you can be in for some pleasant surprises. On rare occasions, even foxes, which are timid and loathe people, might be observed.

This is just what happened in this case, when the cubs took over a private house’s porch and turned it into their own little playground. It happened at the home of a senior citizen from Illinois. She was able to get a few photos of them and post them on the internet.

As soon as the sun rose on a lovely spring day, the cubs arrived to meet the retiree. One cub peeked in at first, but when he saw how glad the mother was to see him, he welcomed his brother the next day, and they continued to visit every day thereafter.

The woman then noticed her mother standing nearby, only a few meters away, in the bushes, observing them. The photographs shocked the internet, and many people expressed jealousy for a woman who is so lucky to be in such nice company regularly.

Others compared the photographs to scenes from a fairy tale film, but no matter how you look at it, these creatures are pure delight.

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