Shy kittens are fostered by dogs until they have the courage to engage with people.

Many individuals help animals who are in distress. Their dogs, on the other hand, can occasionally save the day. This is exactly what happened to a New York lady. Asal Shlbuya is enthusiastic about providing loving homes for stray animals. Over the years, she has given new life to over 250 kittens.

Konna, a canine who matured into a loving nanny for fluffy kittens, was her constant companion. When the owner began bringing home kittens, the dog grew fascinated with the arrivals and rapidly adopted the role of nanny.

Asal discovered two three-month-old kittens on the street, Chestnut and Blaire, and is currently caring for them. The fluffy kittens rapidly earned their new owner’s confidence, enabling her to pet, play with, and sleep next to them.

As a result, Konna had an influence on many of the dogs brought into the house by her owner. The woman adopts the older cats and finds new homes for them.

Her primary mission is to help the little ones adjust to life at home and locate them a loving family.

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