A concealed camera captures a mother wolf cuddling and lulling her anxious pup to sleep.

When Trumpet, a Mexican gray wolf, gave birth to her first litter, no one knew what kind of mother she would be. A trumpet was created as part of a project to resurrect the Mexican gray wolf, which had been extinct.

But that wasn’t the only distinguishing feature of the she-wolf. ‘She was an only child, which is rare for a wolf,’ said the executive director of the WoIf Conservation Center.

This was an uncommon story because most litters have four to six cubs. ‘Her mother and father were the only wolves she knew as a child,’ she added. Trumpet missed out on watching her mother raise successful litters and learning how to be a mother from her.

Trumpet was introduced to Lighthawk, a wild Mexican gray wolf from New Mexico, when she was two years old, and the two hit it up immediately away. Trumpet was expecting a child. After giving birth to three cubs, she developed into a devoted and kind mother.

A webcam installed in her lair recorded footage of the she-wolf feeding, cleaning, and snuggling her young. She cradled her puppies and rocked them to sleep.

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