An Australian sanctuary saves a rare goIden possum that resembles a Pokemon.

Early in November, a possum that resembled the well-known Pokemon mascot was brought to the Boronla Veterinary Clinic in Melbourne.

A veterinarian claims that this possum has a hereditary condition that results in a melanin deficiency, turning its typically gray hair golden. The young possum, which was thought to be 6 months old, was found on the ground by one of the volunteers.

The child was examined and confirmed to be in good health. After spending the night with the vet, he was entrusted to a guardian who looks after wild animals. Due to its distinctive coloring, which makes it extremely noticeable, the charming animal is unlikely to be introduced to nature in the near future.

Although Pika’s future remains uncertain, she is becoming more well-known on social media. On Instagram, the golden possum picture has been shared more than 1,400 times.

Since such a cute animal is rare in real life, everyone would want to see it. What a thing of beauty. Hopefully, this magnificent cat will live out its days in the company of nice, kind humans.

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