To take their rescued puppies on short outings, a couple builds a “little dog train.”

The sound of dogs on Friday evenings just before twilight displaces the ruckus on the streets and is unquestionably more pleasant. Right now, a canine train that resembles accuracy runs around the highways to shed light on the lives of its fuzzy passengers.

An animal shelter owner couple from Florida made the inventive choice. The woman adds, “We had so many dogs, obviously we couldn’t exercise them all or put them in the van for an expedition.” So, in order to take them out and go about, my better half built a railway.

He uses a lawnmower to pull the train, and I follow him on a little bike to keep an eye on things and ensure their safety. “When you see the happy bundle, it’s difficult not to grin.” They are really captivated by it, she remarked.

It’s surprising how well they know, but not only the puppies look forward to their weekly outings. “They’re more conscious of the fact that it’s Friday than we are.”

The pair has fully capitalized on the train’s interest. They are happy that people are interested in seeing what they are doing even if they have no intention of advertising what they are doing.

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