South African Yunya had been searching for a pet for a while but wasn’t sure what she wanted.

But as soon as I saw these canines, I knew that was the exact dog she needed. When she visited the breeder, she fell in love with a little puppy that stuck out from the others due to its lively nature and enthusiasm.

Her dog’s name was Tiddy. From the beginning, Yunya was overjoyed with her dog and did all in her power to keep him content and healthy. At the age of six months, Tiddy had grown swiftly and weighed 52 kg.

When Yunya realized that his dog was substantially taller and bigger than the other dogs of the same breed, he became concerned. In contrast, Tiddy kept putting on weight until he was over 75 kg.

He looks like a genuine behemoth in compared to his owner. The sixth year of Tiddy’s existence is currently upon him. Despite his incredible size and advanced age, he is incredibly gentle, gregarious, and energetic.

Since his owner may have been someone who would let her out right away, it’s a good thing the dog got a nice owner. Don’t you think this is a really fantastic story?

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