The dog in the shelter had been seeking for a home for a while, and in the meanwhile, his owner had been residing close by.

Lovely dog Lia spent more than a year living inside the shelter’s walls. During this period, many of her friends had already been adopted, and for some reason, this small puppy had bad luck.

The shelter staff questioned why no one had ever needed such a gorgeous dog because she was not only beautiful but also friendly, smart, well-behaved, and healthy.

A lady often volunteered at the shelter, bringing food or contributions, walking the dogs, and showing sympathy for Lia, whose owners had surrendered her to the shelter because they were moving.

The dogs were presented to potential owners and given the chance to speak during a regular event that took place in this shelter. Many were charmed by Lia’s charming disposition that day, yet many were unwilling to take her.

The same lady who volunteered at the shelter was worried about Lia, and throughout her stay there, she became bonded to her. Then she made the only rational choice: if not herself, then who else would make the ideal owner for this wonderful girl?

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