Sitting on a chunk of ice, the creature was trembling. When the fisherman realized what animal it was, they were shocked.

A creature was lounging on some ice. The little fox was saved by a passing fishing boat. The monster, which was sitting in a circle on the ice floor and was about to fall, caught everyone’s attention.

Given that they were just interested in catching fish, it is understandable that the fishermen were shocked by this. The boat’s crew later said that they didn’t know what type of little dot was moving on the ice floe right away, but they nonetheless ventured over to look into it.

On the frozen surface was a polar fox cub. The staff started promptly to save the arctic fox. He was timid and resisted their initial attempts to remove him off the ice floe with their hands.

After that, the animal was put inside a plastic tray. He was handed a ton of delectable food, which he devoured with gusto. After spending two days in the harbor, the cub was released back into its native environment.

And we anticipate that he’ll pay closer attention going forward. Fortunately, the animal is in good health.

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