Meet the smallest pony who acts like three dogs and is pals with them.

The world’s smallest horse, whose mother abandoned him due to his little size, lives in San Dlego with his owner and her three dogs. Polo the pony was abandoned by his mother since she was unable to breastfeed him due to his young age.

The pony is around seven weeks old, weighs about twenty pounds, and is substantially smaller than the normal pony. Additionally, he is smaller than a typical dog.

Like a pet, Polo lives in her owner’s house.

Smith, fortunately, was able to save him. However, the young horse had a number of health problems. Smith rented a vehicle and drove to the countryside to pick up Polo after the adoption. The tiny horse has improved since that time.

He can now walk, has a straighter jaw, a bigger head, and excellent eyesight. He could still feel comfortable in her home. Polo gets along with her three adorable dogs and likes playing with them in the garden.

The smallest horse in the world is happy and content with his situation in life.

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