The girl becomes sensitive when her parents surprise her with a dog.

This little youngster, who’s always wanted a pet, can’t help but be happy when her parents give her a dog as a surprise. She sobs with happiness. Bella, a delicate and endearing young lady, had pleaded with her parents for a dog for years.

Even though her family already had a sizable and magnificent rescue dog, the little girl insisted on a puppy. Bella’s family was unsure about anything, but because the young lady had lately faced difficulties, they decided to give her a nice surprise.

Given her early age, her parents reasoned that having a pet as company would be beneficial and make her extremely happy. By claiming to have some of Bella’s plush toys for her as gifts, her father shocked her.

The small girl received the first, and when he handed her the second, she received Ariya, her brand-new best friend, she couldn’t help but cry.

Jennie shared her daughter’s excitement as she showed her her new animal.

Since Ariya entered Bella’s life, she has never once abandoned her pet. She expresses her gratitude to her parents for introducing her to her new buddy and her joy.

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