Ten years after a man saved a lioness, she still thinks of him and hugs him.

This guy is incredibly lucky since he wakes up to a hard embrace from his grownup and graceful lioness buddy every morning.

A lioness meets Vilon Gunter with a fierce embrace in the morning in a video that he just posted on his Facebook page. The video quickly became viral and swept over the internet.

People’s fascination with the video is understandable given that it’s uncommon to witness such an intense relationship between a human and a wild animal.

Vilon says Sira is nice, calm, and kind, and that his favorite activity is giving hugs. She also likes to rub his head, and right now, she doesn’t resemble a conventional household cat at all.

The young man thought that Sira was a fantastic peacemaker and that he should not have expected her to behave any other way. They also met in 2013, when Sira was just a few months old and the sole survivor of her mother’s abandonment at birth. She first met the Botswana reserve through Vilon, and so began a close connection.

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