Grandma finally got her wish to hold a penguin on her 103rd birthday.

People have a number of various items on their bucket lists, like skydiving, seeing Paris, meeting their favorite celebrity, and many other things.

Beatrice Kommor has always had a strange but beautiful dream: she wishes to hold a penguin in her arms. On Beatrice’s 103rd birthday, the Holiday Village staff decided to fulfill her wish and pair her up with Pingu.

The employees and officials of the nearby aquarium came to an arrangement to transport a special visitor right away to the woman’s birthday. Pingu was moved in a special tank that kept him safe and comfortable.

When the penguin arrived at the party, Beatrice and all of her guests were overjoyed. The aquarium staff’s offer to let the leading lady hold a black and white feathered man they had removed from the aquarium, however, caught everyone by surprise.

She hugged the penguin with enthusiasm and immediately began to gently pet his sides and back. Beatrice said, “I never thought this would actually happen. Beatrice’s beloved daughter and granddaughter, as well as friends and nursing home employees, were there on this historic day.

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