Eleven years after the dog was removed from in front of the woman, they are reunited.

Londoner Valerya Bennett, 13, was walking across the park when her beloved dog Ola was grabbed in front of her. Valerya and her parents founded the social media company Find Ola in an effort to reunite with their lost pet.

Over time, people eagerly searched for Ola and frequently informed the Bennet family of any new information. But ultimately the quest for the dog was over.

Ten years later, when Valerya already had another pet and had found Ola, the miracle she had been hoping for finally materialized. “When they informed me that he had been OK, I became tearful.”

I had no clue it would actually happen, but it was great, recalls Valerya. A little puppy was discovered by a few local youngsters around 21 kilometers from Valerya’s house. Due to a microchip, the staff at the veterinarian’s office was able to locate the dog’s owners when they brought it in.

On the following day, Valerya came to pick up her pet, and she brought him home. Ola instantly knew each member of his family, which surprised him.

She also quickly became pals with a different Bennet canine.

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