The pilot dedicates his life to serving animals by flying rescue dogs to their new owners.

This man flew for the military for 41 years. After retirement, he continued to devote his life to helping stray animals. Using a two-seat jet, he swiftly moves animals saved from the streets or uncaring owners to their new homes in several cities and states.

In the years since he started working with animals in 2013, Dave has moved more than 365 canines. The npo, for which the pilot works, usually provides him with passengers.

Most of the time, Dave drives the pets from one airport to the next and then turns them over to other pilots. He normally does it this way.

But occasionally he personally delivers the animals to their new owners.

And he takes the most pleasure from this particular aspect of his work. I deliver them to their families and send my best wishes for a bright future.

I hope these individuals will always admire you, the pilot continued. When a guy brings their new pets to homes, many of them are immensely grateful and praise him for his help. He never declines gifts out of respect for them. He gives to charities so they can cover medical expenses.

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