Tigers that have lived their entire lives in the zoo take pleasure in learning to swim.

A handful of rescued tigers were freed from the zoo and made their first river entry in this touching moment. Cati and Lilo were saved from a zoo in New York State.

The tigers were moved to a new location at a refuge in Nevada when they were eleven years old, where circumstances were as natural as possible.

They now got the opportunity to feel what it was like to be tigers and appreciate all that nature had to offer after so many trying years. Volunteer Kelley saw the tigers in their new habitat and witnessed their initial swimming attempts.

The common belief that cats loathe water is, for the most part, true. With the exception of the tigers, who enjoy playing in the water, the worker said.

Given the context of this tale, it should come as no surprise that wild cats like bathing and naturally possess this ability. It’s fantastic that there are organizations devoted to helping wild animals and saving them from substandard living conditions.

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