A design student uses recycled billboards to make foldable dog houses.

Thailand is a wonderful country with a fascinating culture, delectable cuisine, and a lot of stray dogs. This problem arises in a number of countries. The streets are filled with thousands of stray animals looking for sustenance.

This is due to the Buddhist tradition, particularly in Thailand, which stresses that people acquire respect by feeding stray animals. One thoughtful design student decided to make these creatures’ life easier. He began an initiative to convert old billboards into animal sanctuaries.

The student began cooperating with a company that helped him put his idea into action. There are already about 20 biIIboard shelters that are similar and ultimately worthless. On its Facebook and Instagram accounts, this company posts pictures of prefabricated homes and the residents who live in them. They perform a similar role as a weather umbrella.

They are spread out around the city. Their greatest advantage is that they can be rolled up. When not in use, these shelters are simple to fold up and lean against a wall. As a consequence, they don’t block traffic and don’t take up much space. Is it not clever?

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