A thankful penguin walks 4,000 kilometers each year to see the compassionate man who saved him.

The penguin swims 4,000 kilometers annually to meet the person who transformed his life! This inspiring story touched people all across the world. Because both true human kindness and an animal’s appreciation are now so rare in our world, this is a story about both.

It seems that what happened was just false. But that actually did happen. An elderly man from Brazil named Andre, who is 70 years old, saved a juvenile penguin in 2012. He helped his new friend, whom he called Ningning.

Until he reached adulthood, Andre took care of an odd pet. When the bird no longer required his aid, Andre let Ningning back into the sea without ever hoping to see him again.

A few months later, the penguin went back to the coast and saw his human companion. Since then, Ningning has lived close to Andre for nine months of the year.

He spent four months sailing to Argentina in order to become a father. To do this, he swims more than 4000 kilometers every year.

This story will leave an impression and stir emotion in everyone who hears it.

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